The Towpath Challenge
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A four day (March 29th to April 1st) sponsored walk along the route of the Wilts & Berks Canal.  The walkers followed the the canal line using, where necessary, the proposed new diversions but also much of the original line, including some sections where landowners granted special permission.  The weather was dry but very cold, fortunately the support team were stationed at strategic points with tea and coffee.  The walkers where able to view historic sites, restored sections and the new Wichelstowe development.  Several thousand pounds was raised for the Trust.
(A full report will appear in Dragonfly)

John, Barbara and I covered as many locations as possible over the four days,
but there were some places we either couldn't reach or get to in time.
If you were on the walk or one of the support team and you
were taking photographs or video please could you send us copies
so that we can add them to this record.
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If there are any pictures you would like we can send you a copy via email.
Just identify the folder and image.

Short cut to pictures

Semington Junction Melksham Bell Inn Pewsham
East of A4

Studley Bridge

Bremhill to Foxham Foxham
Dauntsey Spillweir Dauntsey Lock Bowds Lane Seven Locks
Trow Lane Dunnington Aqueduct Templar's Firs Chaddington
Beavan's Bridge Wichelstowe Coate Water Acorn Bridge
Bourton Steppingstone Bridge Pocket Park Bowles Bridge
Uffington Baulking Road Kingston Common Bridge Broadleaze Farm
Childrey New Road West to East Challow Mably Way to Grove Bridge Grove Park Drive
Cow Common Jubilee Junction


Pick a map and click on the hotspots to view pictures.



Semington to Bezzles Farm

Bezzles Farm to Pewsham Locks

Pewsham Locks to Wick Bridge

Wick Bridge to City Bridge

City Bridge to Tockenham Bridge

Tockenham to Woodshaw

Woodshaw to Beavan's Bridge

Beavan's Bridge to Coate Water

Coate Water to Horpit

Horpit to Acorn Bridge

Acorn Bridge to Bowles Bridge

Bowles Bridge to Uffington

Uffington to Childrey New Road

Childrey New Road to Grove

Grove to Cow Common Bridge

Cow Common Bridge to Drayton

Drayton to Jubilee Junction


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